Saturday, September 15, 2007

My new gadget

It's official. I have been swept up into the Nike+iPod phenomenon. I bought myself a nano when I completed my marathon. My sister bought me the Nike arm band for my birthday, and I bought myself the sensor with my birthday money. Now, for the first time, I listen to music while I run. In "El Libro" (which is what Lisa and I called The Non-runner's Marathon Trainer, which is what we followed to train for our race), it says not to wear headphones, but to "listen to the run." So I did that for six months. Today I learned at least one thing:

Runs go faster when I'm distracted by The Aardvark Intermission Song.

The challenge for today was finding the song that kept pace with my running. I wasn't about to try to keep up with the Latin tempo of Club des Belugas's Hiphip Chinchin, and My Wish wasn't doing it either, even though one would think a Rascal Flatts ballad would fit my slow canter. But, when I had finally given up finding a pacing song, the Shuffle Song God touched my little iPod and gave me the gift that spurred me up the hardest 1/4 mile of the day:

Drive... by the Cars.

Solid snare drum back beat. Perfect tempo synchronization. Utter yogging perfection. And now with my workout firmly logged in the electronic annals of, I am left with only one question...

Who is gonna drive me home tonight?


  1. Hey,

    Chad Jenkins here. I was gonna check out the blog and move on, but I noticed a post about minesweeper.

    I never get a chance to brag about minesweeper, so I'm gonna do it now.

    Expert: 83
    Intermediate: 27
    Beginner: 3

    Beat those scores and come talk to me.

    I once checked a minesweeper-freak website. People yapping about how cool they are, etc. The scores shown on that site were other-worldly. Expert-40, Intermediate 10, Beginner 1.

    Now I'm not saying I've got it all together, but those people have serious problems.

  2. Chad -- I've got one word for you.


    I don't think I could beat those scores. Maybe the Intermediate one, but it would probably require me to get a little obsessed about the feat. And that simply isn't pretty.

    Hope you're well.