Thursday, October 25, 2007

Most recent bane of my existence...

In the life of a substitute teacher, few achievements are more diligently worked towards than being "The Chosen One" -- the one person that the teachers and sub caller contact as soon as an future absence is known. Because of my teaching experience and lovely personality, I believe I had achieved Chosen One Status last year and was counting on that status to keep me well employed throughout the year.

Well, my friends, I have been usurped, not by and up-and-coming substitute star with better jokes and more credentials. No. My reign has been toppled by...

The Online Sub System.

Gone are the days of being hand selected by teachers. Oh no! Now it's just one big sub pool and it's first come, first serve. What the foshizzle!!! I don't have a job for tomorrow -- at least not in Wapato where they pay $50 more a day -- because there are none online, and if I want to catch the stray subbing crumb that may fall, I have to stay glued to my computer! Hello!! I have a life here, people. Yes, it consists of Starbucks and The Office, but it is a life nonetheless!

And so I have my back-up Yakima job at Ike tomorrow, but if Wapato calls...

no wait. They won't.

Grrrrrr..... this makes subbing much less enjoyable. Not that it's a big thrill ride to begin with.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Teaching and Preaching

This morning, I had the privilege of preaching at Yakima Foursquare Church. I am a member in good standing of the YFC Teaching Team, but I have become the designated hitter of the team -- an apt analogy since the other members are all avid baseball guys. (Sidenote: What is it with me and baseball players?!?! Like a moth to the flame!!!) My message centered around Judas and the heart issues that lead to betrayal. Powerful stuff, and God's presence was potent this morning. I'm so honored to be a part of his work in this way.

And I really love preaching and teaching. I went to Women of Faith this weekend and found myself not only encouraged by the speakers, but also drawn to the idea that "that is what I want to do"... and this morning, "this is what I want to do." But -- irony of ironies -- I don't want to be a pastor. All the pastors I know are so very wrapped up in the Christian world and the task of equipping the saints (a VERY worthy pursuit and calling) that they don't often engage with people who don't know God. Hmmm.... things to talk with God about for sure.

Aside from this revelation of sorts, I very much enjoyed my weekend with my sisters. We don't often get to spend time just the three of us -- sans kids, parents, and Joe (though he is always a welcome addition in my book) -- and I'm so thankful for the healing that has come to my relationship with Carrie Grace (on the left). She really is a riot!

I have other thoughts rolling around in my brain tonight, but I'm zonked and headed to bed. Yes, people, it is 7:58 and I'm going to bed. I'm also drinking hot water. It's official. I've become my grandparents.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Fall, Fair, and Frolicking

Several times in the past several weeks, I have thought "Ooo. I need to blog." But, as the archive files do tell, I have not done so. Maybe it's the change of seasons that has thrown me off my rhythm. Fall has officially arrived in the Yakima Valley with cloudy days that don't touch 60 degrees and beautiful trees lining the river. Not as beautiful as Indiana, but lovely for here.

The coming of fall is also marked by the Central Washington State Fair -- further proof that Yakima should count as "the sticks." I attended this grand event last Wednesday with Carrie and Jaelynn and had a most excellent time! We had to see all of the animals -- most of which Jae wanted to pet (which she did, as proven by the picture!) and thought most of them were cows. She is on the cusp of having full-on conversations, so there was lots of chatter with her... and lots of deep-fried deliciousness for Carrie and I. God bless the Pennsylvania Dutch for funnel cakes!

This excursion was just one of my many frolicking adventures in the last several weeks. At the end of September, Rachel Lynn and family came up for a 1.8 day visit. Wyatt had an interview with the Fred Meyer Pharmacy and, if all continues to go along its current trajectory, they'll move up here around the start of the new year. Then I spent a weekend in the Cascades with the ladies from my small group. How fabulous are they! I just love them. Plus we got to have our first taste of winter when we drove up to Mt. Rainier and couldn't see it because of the snow! I was singing "It's A Marshmallow World" in the car. Good times. Then I shared at Riverside Christian School Junior High Chapel, which is a post all on its own.

The frolicking continued this last weekend as I went to Spokane to help teaching a teambuilding class to a group of MBA and MACC students. Funny folks, those business people. And, as if that kind of professional development wasn't good enough, I got to see Angie and Sharla (from summer camp) and my dearest Jen Bell, who just happened to be visiting from Arizona this weekend. That was the best blessing of all!

And the promise of sweet fun doesn't end there. On Friday I leave for Women of Faith with Carrie Grace and Rachel Lynn. Sweet! And this week I'm prepping to give the sermon next Sunday. So if you think of me this week, please pray for me! God's words -- not mine.

And that is it from here.... for now anyway.