Thursday, October 25, 2007

Most recent bane of my existence...

In the life of a substitute teacher, few achievements are more diligently worked towards than being "The Chosen One" -- the one person that the teachers and sub caller contact as soon as an future absence is known. Because of my teaching experience and lovely personality, I believe I had achieved Chosen One Status last year and was counting on that status to keep me well employed throughout the year.

Well, my friends, I have been usurped, not by and up-and-coming substitute star with better jokes and more credentials. No. My reign has been toppled by...

The Online Sub System.

Gone are the days of being hand selected by teachers. Oh no! Now it's just one big sub pool and it's first come, first serve. What the foshizzle!!! I don't have a job for tomorrow -- at least not in Wapato where they pay $50 more a day -- because there are none online, and if I want to catch the stray subbing crumb that may fall, I have to stay glued to my computer! Hello!! I have a life here, people. Yes, it consists of Starbucks and The Office, but it is a life nonetheless!

And so I have my back-up Yakima job at Ike tomorrow, but if Wapato calls...

no wait. They won't.

Grrrrrr..... this makes subbing much less enjoyable. Not that it's a big thrill ride to begin with.

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  1. Ah yes! Your school system is actually just catching up with the times. I remember right after college, I used to sub in the Penn system and that is how they were operating 7 years ago. But there was still a way they could get their favorites, so you should talk to the teachers who called on you specifically and brainstorm :o)