Sunday, October 14, 2007

Teaching and Preaching

This morning, I had the privilege of preaching at Yakima Foursquare Church. I am a member in good standing of the YFC Teaching Team, but I have become the designated hitter of the team -- an apt analogy since the other members are all avid baseball guys. (Sidenote: What is it with me and baseball players?!?! Like a moth to the flame!!!) My message centered around Judas and the heart issues that lead to betrayal. Powerful stuff, and God's presence was potent this morning. I'm so honored to be a part of his work in this way.

And I really love preaching and teaching. I went to Women of Faith this weekend and found myself not only encouraged by the speakers, but also drawn to the idea that "that is what I want to do"... and this morning, "this is what I want to do." But -- irony of ironies -- I don't want to be a pastor. All the pastors I know are so very wrapped up in the Christian world and the task of equipping the saints (a VERY worthy pursuit and calling) that they don't often engage with people who don't know God. Hmmm.... things to talk with God about for sure.

Aside from this revelation of sorts, I very much enjoyed my weekend with my sisters. We don't often get to spend time just the three of us -- sans kids, parents, and Joe (though he is always a welcome addition in my book) -- and I'm so thankful for the healing that has come to my relationship with Carrie Grace (on the left). She really is a riot!

I have other thoughts rolling around in my brain tonight, but I'm zonked and headed to bed. Yes, people, it is 7:58 and I'm going to bed. I'm also drinking hot water. It's official. I've become my grandparents.


  1. That's awesome to see you all together again!! You look so happy and beautiful. Awww....

  2. I miss you, and am happy to hear you excited!