Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lots of stuff

Ack! I can't believe it's been three solid weeks since I've blogged! Doh! My apologies to those of you who check up on me via this blurb. So here's the turbo version:

I had two Link Crew student conferences that I facilitated, one in Denver and one in Lemoore (south of Fresno, CA). They were both fantastic, and the best parts were getting to see my friends from those places: Halee, Lauren (who took me to Red Rocks), and Ivan. Despite the immense fun of the actual conferences, the trips were further confirmation that I am not really wired to have a full-time travel around speaking job. The travel itself just WIPES me OUT!!

Today my life as a substitute teacher undergoes a major shift as I'm taking on a long-term job in sixth grade reading. While I am a little nervous (it's been a while since I've been full=on IN CHARGE of a classroom and these are sixth graders), I'm more excited for the perks of a long-term job. I don't have to wait for jobs to show up online, and I get paid more (which is very good over the holidays with all the crazy breaks). Because of those breaks, this job goes until January 25, which is right before Link Crew coaching starts.

I'm hoping that Link Crew coaching will still be a part of my spring line-up. It is semi-up-in-the-air because of the potential change in my employment status. I have submitted my application to teach at Yakima Valley Community College. They will keep my file and contact me if there are any classes for which I am qualified to teach. There is the possibility that something will come up for the winter quarter. I've already decided that I won't ditch the long-term sub job for YVCC classes, which is more about professionalism than preference. However, if there are evening classes in the winter quarter, I may take those to get my foot in the door, even if it means I can't be off coaching. I need to keep my head screwed on straight, though, because they haven't offered me anything, so I don't need to get emotionally worked up about not coaching. At least not yet.

And there's the update. I'll try to be more consistent over the holidays.

much love -- marah jean

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  1. I requested an extra day just to give you and Mary some Geek lovin' before the conference!