Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The goose is getting fat

Because Christmas is coming! Life here has been a flurry of activity, and I don't have anything specific to report. But as I sit here at Sierra Vista Middle School is Sunnyside, WA (perhaps the only district that doesn't block this site), I've decided to make the most of the silent reading time and blog about things I've noticed in December! (Side note -- the next three days of subbing should be fabulous, if for no other reason than my actually classes are done at 12:15! After that, this teacher has individual and team planning time. Yeah -- I won't be sticking around for that!)

Things I've realized in December:

1) I love being a part of a school staff. The last few weeks have included a long-term sub job in sixth grade reading at Wapato Middle School. The kids are fine, the content simple, but the BEST part is the team I've been plopped into. They are so fun and have accepted me with open arms! I was involved with the pixie gift exchange, the cookie exchange, and the celebratory meal at El Porton after the last day of school. One of the teachers is, I swear, my brother from another mother. He reminds me a lot of two of my favorite people: Johnny Gomez (my little brother's best friend) and Cesar Dominguez (my associate pastor and friend). Loves kids, loves Jesus, and SO STINKING FUNNY!!! After the El Porton lunch, he and I played racquetball at the Y, and I haven't laughed that hard for that long in many moons. I cannot even explain the hilarity of seeing this big hurkin' athlete swing for the fences and whiff it. Oh man. Sweet comedy.

My experience at WMS has been so good that it has sealed my desire to get back into teaching. After over a year of subbing and traveling about, I have determined that I thrive in a school setting, especially after I have found real friends on a staff. The friends I have made at Wapato have even got me to consider working at the middle school level, just so I can keep working with them. The other major thought is to find a job at Davis High School, which is right down the street from me. I could totally see myself at either place, so I'm asking God for some major direction as to which avenue to pursue. There will probably be jobs at both places, so I'm very thankful that we have an ever-present God who promises to say, "This is the way. Walk in it."

2) I love racquetball. And I love being a member at the Y. It is so gloriously social! I've met more people in the last month at the Y than I did ALL SUMMER at West Valley Fitness. I spend an average of 90 minutes at the Y each day, with some days topping two hours. Yesterday Lisa and I played racquetball with some army reservists, and I'm sorry, but it is so much fun to be flirted with by cute military men. :-) I don't know if I'm actually getting any fitter. After all, it is the holidays which would not be complete without daily sugar fixes. But I do love being active, even if it isn't running at this point.

3) I love Josh from the Eugene Costco. I have never met this man, but he completely made my day yesterday. I was subbing at Davis and decided that I would finally go to Costco and get my piano. For two months now, I've been visiting "my piano" at the Yakima Costco. This digital instrument with great piano and strings sounds was going to be my "congratulations on finishing my MA" gift. Several people have donated to the cause and yesterday was The Day when I would get my piano. But when I get there, IT WAS GONE!!!! Cue tears in Costco. Not only was it gone, but NOT ONE COSTCO in the ENTIRE STATE had any left! I called my sister to cry and she said, "Do the Costcos down here have any?" After a few queries, I discovered that the Eugene Costco had four pianos left and that Rachel & Wyatt were planning to go to Eugene to Christmas shop. So I called that Costco and spoke with Josh, who totally made an exception for me and allowed me to purchase the piano over the phone!!!! So Rachel is going to go pick it up today, and then next Thursday, she and I will meet in Troutdale and make the exchange. So what could have been a HORRIFIC day and week ruining experience turned into utter joy!! Hurray for Josh!

4) I love my small group. Last night we had our Christmas party and it was hilarious. It was a Bad Sweater Christmas Party (which some of us thought was the Bad Christmas Sweater Party), complete with remixed Christmas songs, flashing Christmas tree lights, and a bad sweater fashion show. Dang. We are funny people. My sweater had two gigantic ducks, each one placed squared over each... well.... you get it. But the clencher was Steve, who had a sweatshirt with four santa hat wearing cats, the back of which showed the cats rears. But that wasn't the best part. The best part was that he decided to wear my sassy boots for his trip down "the runway". I don't know which was funnier: the sweatshirt or the fact that he could fit his calves and his Carhart pant legs into my boots when I have to stretch to get them zipped. :-)

So, in short, the December has been busy and gloriously joyful. I hope you each have found as much to enjoy!

much love and eggnog -- marah jean

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  1. we went to el porton when we were in wenatchee. i love that place. the guapo burrito is so unbelievably tasty and cheap. i need to go eat now.