Monday, January 21, 2008

Finishing January

I realize it is only the 21st, so there are still 10 whole days left in this first month of 2008, but for me, it feels like I'm finishing it this week. I have three days left with the sixth graders that I have come to love, and then I'm off to Portland for 6 days of Link Crew: 1 day with Colin and Mary who are flying out early, two days of coaches training with the whole staff, then three days of facilitating WEB training, which I have never done before. By the time I get back to Yakima, it will be January 31.

The month has been full to say the least and has flown by. I'm sure the rest of the spring will follow suite. In the weeks since my last post, my sister and her family have moved to Yakima and now live just 3 miles away from me. How great is it that I could just bust over there right now if I wanted! Sweet!! It is hard to see the kids struggle with new places and people. They came to church yesterday and wouldn't go to class and then just wanted to go home. Rachel was quite sad. They have only been here a week, so it is not surprising, just makes my aunties heart ache a bit.

And that is really it from here. As I travel about the country this spring, I'm determined to take more pictures. I didn't take but a few last year and I may never be to those places again. This year, I shall document!!!

The most noteworthy picture of this month is the result of a bet my 5th period class had. They bet me I wouldn't wear my hair in a mohawk. Apparently they know me not!