Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The power of theme music

I am very proud of myself because this morning, after MONTHS of procrastinating, I finally accomplished a very important task --- disposing of my Christmas tree. Yes I realize March is half over and I probably should have ridded myself of it two months ago, but I didn't. A month or so ago, I finally moved it from beside the steps to the yard waste can in the alley, but the yard waste guys wouldn't take it. Apparently the lid has to be closed, and I'm sorry, but a 6-foot pine tree doesn't allow for dumpster closage.

So I thought to myself, "Bill, we could take it to our old church building and put it in the uber-sized dumpster... hmmmm... not entirely on the up and up, but better than nothing." However, I knew I needed to accomplish this fell mission under the cloak of darkness. One can't just go chucking dried up Christmas trees in dumpsters at high noon with the whole world watching.

So, this morning after cup-o-coffee-number-one, I thought, "Bill, we should just do it now... but we need some encouragement." And so I began humming the theme from Mission: Impossible. And wouldn't you know it, that's what did it! Apparently all I need is a soundtrack and I can overcome any amount of procrastination build-up!


  1. You refer to yourself as Bill in your mind?

  2. Sometimes bill. Sometimes Bob. Sometimes She-Master of All Things Rotund.

  3. I prefer Bill. Mission accomplished, huh? Miss you...