Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hiccups in the Final Round

Well, I've been reticent about one HUGE thing that has been going on these past two months because, well, it's embarrassing. But today, it took on a grand irony that is just too funny, so I must share.

In mid-March, I was in the process of applying for jobs at the local community college and trying to figure out how much I will get paid for the long-term sub jobs that I was (and am) doing in Wapato. I hadn't heard back from the district office, so I called over there to check on things. I was told that my recently arrived transcript from Gonzaga did not have the "Degree Completed" dealy. I figured that was a mistake at the university, so I called to get things straightened out.

When I spoke with a person, they transfered me to "Degree Evaluation." Hmmmm.... ominous. And it turned out that I was NOT done with my degree in December as I thought I was. No, apparently one needs more than a commencement program and gifts from friends to actually graduate. I needed one more elective. When I was researching the program at GU, it was 33 credits. When I enrolled that fall, it had increased to 36, but I never got the memo. And apparently I was sent a letter informing me of this delinquency in January, but again, I didn't get the memo.

So, thankfully, the folks over there quickly got me enrolled in Transformative Leadership, which had started the previous week. I got all my books and got to work one more time. I even plotted out the various due dates for all the papers and have been quite excited these last few days as MY LAST PAPER is due on Tuesday. I was glad to have caught this because normally the papers have been due on Saturday.

Last night, I was quite impressed with myself as I wrote most of this paper before heading over to Rachel's for dinner. But this morning, as I was checking out the website, I caught an odd thing: the description for the last paper that is due on Tuesday was not about the same thing that I thought the "last paper" was supposed to be about. Huh.... curious.

Yeah -- upon further research, the paper I wrote last night and finished this morning was actually due YESTERDAY, and my REAL last paper -- that I haven't started and didn't realize was necessary -- is due Tuesday.

Apparently, I have issues with reading the "final requirements." It's just funny at this point.

And now, though I am off to write the REALLY I MEAN IT THIS TIME LAST paper

much love -- marah jean


  1. Oh my dear, if anyone can pull off this final class and paper, it is you, but I would be so stressed out!! Thanks for sharing because now we know it happens to the best of us...Love you and thanks for your kind words on Friday--it really meant a lot.

  2. Yo, cousin! I have a blog now as well!
    Behold it!