Friday, June 27, 2008

My week on the road

I can hear the rumblings of the traffic on I-90 as I sit here by my hotel window in Spokane. I've spent the last five days traveling around the state making presentations at various Summer Institutes, and on the whole it was been very good. The presentations have gone well with the participants smiling and laughing and getting to know each other. I've been able to get Boomerang Project's name "out there" a little more as I tie what I have done with them to what the participants are experiencing. Excellent.

And made some great contacts that may open up further opportunities to do this sort of thing in the future. First I finally met the guy who hired me to do all these presentations; he was at the site in Montesano (which is about an hour west of Olympia) and was very impressed. That's good news if I want to do this again next summer. Then (and this one is more exciting for me) there was a participant at yesterday's site in Wenatchee that trains teachers on how to use various low ropes elements in their classrooms. I didn't know this until after I was done and he asked if I'd like to do lunch. Now, I'll be honest, at first I was saying, "Boo Yeah! Cute guy wants to have lunch with me!" And while that was true, his motives were sans romance. Instead he invited me to come watch him and his buddy present at the OSPI conference at the end of July, and if I'm interested, start presenting and facilitating with them! SWEETNESS!!!

AND -- if the week weren't good enough because of these things, I also found out on Tuesday that I am gonna be a Pirate!! Ahoy!!!!!! I will be teaching ninth and eleventh grade English
at Davis High School! I'm really excited! Next week, I'll go in a fill out all my paperwork and get on the school mailing list and all that good stuff. I'm sure my nerves will kick in pretty soon, but for right now, I'm very glad to have a job! NO MORE SUBBING!!!

I find it difficult to believe that it is almost July. Wowsers. Except for a few small day trips, I don't have anything to do in July. Well, that's not true. Franklin Hill stuff will certainly take center stage over the next weeks. And I fully intend to enjoy some serious pool time with Bennett and Erin and Jaelynn. And I will continue my love affair with Twitch, Joshua, and Will on So You Think You Can Dance. And who knows what else the summer will hold!! Allow me to modify Mr. Magorium -- one summer, well used, is a lifetime.