Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A reminder from Wayne

On Monday, I attended an afternoon leadership seminar at Life Center Church in Spokane that featured Wayne Cordeiro from New Hope Church in Honolulu, HI. I've heard this pastor speak before at the Leadership Summit Simulcast that Willow Creek Church broadcasts each summer. I'm so glad that I went -- totally worth the seven hours in the car that day. Not only did I get to see a few of my friends that I made at senior high camp last summer, but I was challenged and encouraged in a few fundamentals that will be invaluable as I move through the summer and into this next season of my life.

Before I left for Spokane, I had been reading Uprising by Erwin McManus as we are in the middle of a sermon series based on that book, and I'm preaching this Sunday. In it, he uses the Parable of the Talents as evidence that we must be faithful in the small things if we want to hear God say, "Well done, my good and faithful servant." As we are faithful and as we persevere through the pressure cooker of life, we will gain wisdom. The strongest message I received from the afternoon in Spokane resonated with that same idea.

Pastor C. shared this idea:

85% of what I do could be done by anybody.
10% of what I do could be done by anybody who has had some training.
5% of what I do can be done ONLY by ME.

Yet our lives are so often taken up with the 85% and the 5% gets neglected. When we do that, though, we are not fulfilling God's best for our lives. And God is not going to hold us accountable for what we do; He's going to hold us accountable for what He's asked us to do that we've done. When Pastor C. said that, I had one of those spiritual whiplash moments. Yeah -- God's asked me to do some specific things, and when I don't do those, it doesn't matter how good of a racquetball player I am or how many movie lines I can quote.

So here are some things in my 5%:
~maintaining a vibrant and growing relationship with Christ: nobody else can spend time with or obey God for me
~being Auntie Marah to Bennett, Erin, and Jae; sister to Rachel, Carrie, and Joe; middle daughter to Marlyn and Jaurene: this is my family; to ignore them is to neglect the health of my foundation
~Getting and staying physically in shape: if I'm gonna live the life I've been called to, I need to have the energy to do so.
~Enjoying life and beauty with family and friends: nobody else can do that for me.

Part of me says, "Well, duh, Marah. That idea isn't rocket science." But it is easy to gloss over because 95% is a big number, but how I take care of the 5% will determine the kind of life I end up having.

The reminder is also good because it lines up with sermon stuff for Sunday! Hurray!! I'm really excited about this Sunday. Sometimes when I preach, I just dread it. I get all nervous and second guess myself. Not this time. I'm jazzed for it. I just don't want to overplan and try to fit 3 sermons into one. That's not good either.

And those are my thoughts this morning. much love to all my faithful readers... (which is maybe Jayme and Colin... love you two!!!)


  1. Um. I'm pretty sure I'M a faithful reader, cuz.

    And, I'm preaching two sermons at the church I'm interning at--July 20th and 27th.
    Any suggestions?

  2. This entry is just excellent. I love the break down of what is important and have been trying to do so lately myself without such a clear definition as you have laid out. It is so true. For physical health, I invite you to pick up Rising Above by Gwen Shamblin.(Amazon has it for a couple dollars.) This woman has her finger to the pulse of eating within God's boundaries...I'm working through it right now and it is changing my life. Miss you!