Monday, September 1, 2008

Turning 30

On August 31, I reached a new decade marker! Despite what the boys at the Y think, I indeed am 30. (They all think I'm 23 or 24... that's why I like them!) I had a most glorious weekend of Marah.

It actually started on Thursday when I went to 80's night with Lisa Ann. She made the evening glorious by rocking a Butt-Rock style mullet wig. Good glory! I about peed my pants when she came sauntering in! We danced and sang along and LAUGHED! Man, it was awesome. The only problem is that -- well -- I'm THIRTY, so it took me the rest of the weekend to get my feet back under me!

But did that stop the weekend of Marah? Absolutely not! Friday night, Janice and Rocky and Justin and Barb all convened at Rachel's house. Joe came up and Johnny and Meghann came over and, again, more laughter and glorious awesomeness. They stayed up really late most of the weekend, but because of my Thursday night extravaganza, I copped out early a couple of nights. :( There is just something fabulous about being with friends who've known you since middle school.

On Saturday, the entire entourage went to my parents' house for swimming and horsie rides.I just watched as they all galavanted in the pool. There was a relay race that made me laugh HARD and just a general joy of being together.

Of course, one of the most amusing aspects was the kids. Bennett, Erin, Jaelynn, Andrew, Katelynn, and Luke make up one solid pack of energy, especially when there is so much to entertain. They picked apples to throw to the goats, begged for rides on the horse and four-wheeler, and were generally fantastic. I could think of no better context in which to celebrate my 30th birthday. And that was all before the 31st!

On the 31st, I started my birthday by participating the The Human Race, Nike's 25-city 10K. Because of my iPod sensor, I ran it on the Greenway at 5:45 am. It was quite the feat, not physically necessarily, but just getting myself out the door because I was SO TIRED from the weekend!!!! But I did it and now I can wear my race shirt with pride! After that, I played the congas and church before heading to Rachel's house for THE PARTY! Rachel and my dear friend Rissa planned and prepped and made me feel CELEBRATED! I had a princess party, complete with pink balloons, tiaras, and a teal Greet-the-Guests frock that I had to wear. Thankfully, Justin stole it part-way through the celebration; he looks better in it than I did. Riss and Rach made a quiz about me, had prizes for participants, and...well... it was just GREAT!!! After that, I headed over to church for a small bit before coming back to Rachel's for pizza and general grand hanging out together.

All in all, the weekend was absolutely wonderful. I couldn't have asked to feel more loved, more celebrated, more ready to be in my 30's. Good times, peeps. Good times.