Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Over a month since my last blog. Dang. That is paltry at best. I so love blog stalking other people; how can I deny others the same pleasure? The inherent problem in this situation is that SO MUCH has happened since September 10. Where do I start?

I'll start with tonight. I am having a random and wonderful evening at home. Wednesdays are soon to be Young Life nights, but this evening laundry was beckoning. Well... actually... laundry doesn't beckon. It sounds the alarm and harangues from the corners of my hobbit house whence it was discarded. In either case, I needed to do laundry because tomorrow I leave for Iowa for my grandmother's memorial. It'll be interesting as the whole fam damily is going -- 10 total -- thus making this trip a far cry from my normal galavants where I sit alone in the food court reading People, listening to my iPod and devouring a second Cinnabon all at once. I think I'm looking forward to it, mostly because B-man, Erin, and Baby Jae are included in the traveling party. I'll probably have some fun pictures to post upon my return.

The other thing that is amusing me tonight is what happens when a person sorts her iTunes library by song title in reverse alphabetical order. The playlist of the last 10 minutes has gone from The Supremes (You Can't Hurry Love) to DC Talk (You Consume ME) to Harry Connick Junior (You Didn't Know Me When) to Neil Diamond and Barbara Streisand (You Don't Send me Flowers) and a little Bon Jovi (You Give Love a Bad Name). Now 100 Portraits are reminding me that "You (God) have redeemed my soul from the pit of emptiness." Just strikes me as fun.

So -- the past six weeks -- the biggest news is Franklin Hill Foursquare has officially launched, and we are our own church now! I'm on staff as a volunteer soon-to-be pastor and serve on the teaching, worship, and student teams. Yee haw. I'll be teaching from the front (I don't like to call it preaching) on November 2 if anybody wants to come to visit. :-) The biggest challenge for me is the Tuesday night Middle School Club. We've got a solid group of kids coming and I'm in charge of planning the activities and talks each week. Satan likes to derail me through isolation and doubt. Wicked monkey. I had a major freak out yesterday, but thankfully I chatted with Lisa Jean and she helped me reframe some stuff and put the enemy where he belongs -- under my feet by the power and authority of Christ. I do love those kids and by focusing on them now, we'll have a rockin' high school group in a couple of years. One step at a time, though.

Other random news -- my Lisa Ann (marathon running, warm bev drinking, weight lifting and general joy giving friend from my childhood) moved to Michigan. Talk about rocking my world. I miss her like crazy and can't wait for Christmas even more than what is normal for me because she'll be home and all will be as it should be... on the fourth floor of the Y at any rate.

Let's see... what else... there was a small blip on the man radar for about a week and a half. But that has subsided, mostly through my own decision. Nice guy -- just not enough of fit to be more than friends. Maintain the hope, the dream, though indeed it has gone through most of the stages good ol' Langston described.

Other than that, I'm glad to have my weekly dose of The Office and Survivor. I'm still watching Grey's Anatomy, but the jury is now out on the level of my dedication thereto.

And with that, it's time to fold the now-dry laundry and finish packing. My students are watching Seabiscuit and writing essays in my absence. It'll be interesting. :-)