Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What is with me?

Once again an entire month has passed without a post from me. Yowser yibby yanks! What gives? So this evening I am listening to some wonderful Christmas music by Fernando Ortega (thanks, Mike!) and am a little hopped up on sugar (Costco brownie bites), so here's my update!

School is going well. How I love my job and adore my students. Even the annoying ones. :-) The trimester ends tomorrow, so my freshmen are getting their first taste of finals. And I am the nice teacher that gives them all the info included on the test and let's them use their notes. Despite my extravagant efforts, many of them are still not doing so hot. What they don't know is that I am a softy through and through. They could tank the final and still be okay.

Franklin Hill is also going well. I am moving forward with my pastor's license after a slight hiccup in my own personal feelings about it. I really love the work I'm doing at church, from teaching to student ministries. I used to get so nervous about Tuesday night middle school club and now I LOVE IT. The girls are SO FANTASTIC and even the squirrelly boys bring me joy. One young guy has decided to speak to me in a British accent, which of course is FABULOUS! Today we talked about the chasm that our bad attitudes and actions create and how there is no way for us to get ourselves out of it. One kid seemed pretty concerned about his chasm. Pretty cool. I'm excited for him and the conversations that are forthcoming.

Pretty soon we'll be starting our high school ministry, and I'm both excited and nervous about that. I really want it to be good so that the kids will want to keep coming -- I have a list of kids in my mind whom I can't wait to invite. I like them so much and want to hang with them in a fun environment that has no academic expectations. I want to wait until January to get it started, just to give myself some space of prepare internally.

Family stuff -- Rachel Lynn is pregnant!! Hurray!!! The baby is due at the end of May, and the kids are so excited. Bennett asked Rachel a while back if he could take the baby out to play with it and then it could go back inside. Tee hee! How cute are they!! I love having them so close by. Erin invited me over for a sleepover last week and we had a Christmas sleepover... went to bed watching Elf and woke up to watch The Christmas Story. She's even more excited for Christmas than I am! I'm very excited for Thanksgiving as Uncle Chet is coming from Indiana and Lisa Ann is home for the holidays. Sounds great to me.

And that is it from here. I'm soon to work on my 2008 Christmas letter. If any of you blog stalkers want a real-life copy, shoot me your mailing addresses.

signing off -- marah jean


  1. So Marah,
    have you figured out which Ortega Christmas song is your favorite yet? I know you just got it, but there aren't that many to choose from :)

    thanks for the post...keep writing!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! Glad to hear that your year is wrapping up well. I'm kinda jealous of all your interaction with the young teens. Beantown is bereft of anyone tender, formidable and under the age of 18. Congrats on being an auntie again! Such fun times ahead...love you, miss you!

  3. Hey Marah,
    It's me, Laura (Hiatt). I got your Christmas letter, but I'm moving and stuck your envelope in a box somewhere and can't find it now. Can you send me your current address so I can send a letter your way? laurahiatt@msn.com.