Saturday, May 23, 2009

Baby Tyler

On May 19, Rachel and Wyatt welcomed Tyler into our expectant and joyful family! Everything went well, and mom and baby are home.

T-man's middle name is Joseph, named for his Uncle Joe. Joe is such a natural with all of his little relatives, be they neice, nephew, or second-cousin, so none of us are surprised by how much Joe loves TJ. When I showed this picture to my students, one kid said, "Whoa!! Either that's one tiny baby or that's one BIG guy!" He was right on both counts!

I got to take a couple days off from work to watch Bennett and Erin while Rachel was in the hospital. What a riot! We had dancing parties (of course), and then Erin and I made a cake for mom and baby brother during the early morning hours. We also had the celebratory hats, which Bennett enjoyed to the fifth degree, and helium balloons, which provided much entertainment.

And, of course, Auntie Marah couldn't say no to Erin's request for tasty treats, even though it was quite early. She shares my sweet tooth; what can I say?

The following weekend (Memorial Day) provided the time for Wyatt's family to come visit the newest edition to the family. Rachel and Wyatt took advantage of the timing and had Tyler dedicated that weekend. What a profound blessing to have both sides of the family there for this event! Hurray!!!

(And, on a side note, the layout of this page is KILLING ME!!! But I don't want to delete the picture of Bennett and upload it again with a different format just to satisfy to aesthetic senses.)