Sunday, June 7, 2009

(Insert lame apology for lack of blogging here)

The spring and end of the school year have passed in a blaze of activity and challenge. I have 2.5 days of school left and am amazed at what a challenging and wonderful year it has been. I am already excited for next year and getting things more right than this year. I WILL teach my American Lit kids how to write a coherent essay. I will NOT let tardies slide, especially after lunch. I WILL keep on loving my ghetto kids even when they stop coming to school and make me worry about them. :-)

It really has be an extraordinary year. Part of that has been all the work with Davis Young Life, which isn't over yet. Kurtis and I are taking 12 kids to camp this year, and we leave on June 20. It should be a GREAT time and I am really excited. Nervous -- I've never been to Young Life Camp before -- but excited. I get back from high school camp on the 26th, am home for 2 days, and then turn around and go to Middle School camp on the OR coast. Pray, pray, pray for me, for the kids, for Kurtis (who's never been to camp before).

In addition to all of that, I've got some great mini-trips lined up this summer. TODAY I am headed to Seattle to see Jayme! Score! Then in August, I'm hoping to head to Calgary to see Mike and Tricia and the girls. So excited am I! I have a couple of speaking engagements this summer as well, so I won't be bored. But oh baby am I looking forward to some free time! Free time that will mostly be spent with the fams -- both biological and Franklin Hill.

That's the update from here. Sorry I'm not wittier. It is 5:25 in the morning. I REALLY need to get shades on my east bedroom window.