Thursday, August 13, 2009

Joe + Marah + Helium

I love my brother. Love might not be a strong enough word. He is such a fantastic person -- really smart but in a completely non-Marah kind of way, playful enough to buy dollar store costumes and chase cousins for hours on end, compassionate towards my dad and Carrie in a way that it quite beyond me, hard working both at his job and on the Ranch, and so hilariously funny that I wheeze like a tea kettle when the two of us get going. He's not a clown as he lacks the performance bug that us Traub gals have, but when the mood strikes, hilarity ensues. Plus he lets me tackle him, hug him, and/or hold his hand during church if I need to do so. What a guy!

So when I said, "Hey, Joe! Take this balloon and we're gonna sing for the camera," there was a bit of a push back. But he relented. And now, for the two people who read this (Hi Nat! Hi Anne!), I proudly present Marah Jean Traub and Bankunle Joseph Alvin Traub with their impromptu performance of Roll On, Columbia.


  1. 3 people read this...and I do LOVE your brother and miss you guys...this made me laugh outload. Great! We need to get together!

    love you


  2. You guys rock! Dellmo has bookmarked your blog and is now a faithful follower.

  3. WOW! That was amazing. You guys are full of surprises, good surprises. :) I watched it a few times and laughed harder each time. Great blog!