Thursday, August 20, 2009

Late night thanksgiving

It is 10:21pm and, no, I'm not eating leftover turkey and sweet potatoes (though now that I've written that, those do sound right tasty just now. Mmmmmm.....) I realize in the lives of many people, this is not late. But I was hoping sleep would come at 9, which it probably would have had I not eaten chocolate ice cream at 8. Silly Marah. So, before I try to re-enter the Gates of Sleepland, I want to send some reflections about today out into the void.

1) I spent some time in my classroom today, revised the syllabi for this year's classes, set up my computer and stereo system, figured out how not to hang the big Paris picture, and got to sweep into the office singing "Maria" to our receptionist. I am thankful for a job I love and for no longer being the new girl. Then....

2) I spent the late morning/early afternoon with Elisa Briesmeister. Warm bevs, great chats, and some unexpected finds for back-to-school clothes. She bought me the cutest dress for my birthday, and then we found a little pink sweater to go with it so that I won't break the dress code when I wear it to school. I am thankful for the joy of feeling feminine and my gal pals who get that. Then...

3) I went to the Y a little later than normal, did a quick shoulder workout, and went to Turbo Kickboxing. For part of the class, Dani (the instructor) previewed this fall's Zumba class. I freakin' LOVE IT!!! I'm thankful for a healthy body, coordination, and the joy of choreography. Then...

4) I attended the first part of the Yakima Area Young Life Committee meeting. I got to share about Franklin Hill's vision for partnering with Young Life, how last year went, my camp experience, and our hopes for this year. Craig (Area director) and Ken (established leader with whom I've served a bit this year) shared with the committee how impressed they have been with me and how thankful they are for my leadership at Davis. Wow. Unexpected and so good to hear. I'm thankful for such an incredible community of Christ-followers with whom to serve, lead, love, and live. Then...

5) I came home, did some laundry, and tried to go to sleep, but couldn't. My heart is a little tender these days, wondering and hopeful, timid and unsure. I have surges of confidence, believing that I really am in a good space because I'm following Christ and allowing my community to spur me on towards wisdom, but the heart still aches, you know? So, instead of diving into the peanut butter (which, let's face it, has been my modus operandi for a while), I prayed, cried, and called Susie. I'm thankful for the present-tense grace of Christ and friends who hit their knees when I call for help.

You turned my wailing into dancing;
You removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy,
that my heart may sing to you and not be silent.
O LORD my God, I will give you thanks forever.
Psalm 30:11-12

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