Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Other Summer Pics

The summer started with a short but sweet visit with Jayme and Scott! We got to spend an afternoon/evening together meandering through the Columbia River Gorge and my heart resonated with hers as if we hadn't spent the last several years on opposite sides of the country. Love you, J!!!

The fun continued with two weeks of Young Life Camp! I took six gals from Davis to high school camp and five girls from Franklin Hill to middle school camp. What a RIOT!!!! I laughed so hard so many times! What a blessing to be in the lives of these girls!

And the kicks keep on coming throughout the summer with random get togethers with my small group! One pool party turned into a "who can run the farthest on the inflatable dragon" contest! Susie rocked the competition!

Another short but fantastic visit was with Miss Kriste!! She and I taught together in Sunnyside for five years, and she now lives in Hawaii. I hadn't seen her since she had her son, Alexander who is now 1. So much laughter!! What a blessing!

Most recently, I took a trip to Calgary, Alberta to visit Mike & Tricia Swalm and their three fantastic girls! We spent days just putzing around Calgary, evenings watching Seinfeld, and then took a day and went to Banff, which was so incredibly beautiful. It was a too-short visit, to be sure!

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