Monday, January 18, 2010

Resolutions? We don't need no resolutions...

The new year has been a flurry!!! Good glory -- I can't believe January is half-way over. I meant to sit down and reflect upon 2009 before heading back to work, but (obviously) that didn't happen. I was inspired to do it when I ran across a file during my yearly computer cleanse: 2009 Goals. I'm not a big resolution maker; unmet goals offer a chance to try again, while unkept resolutions smack of a deeper character flaw. Me no likey that conotation.

So, I set goals instead, and they were to do the following:

1) Live in food/weight/body image FREEDOM. Not apathy or licentiousness – freedom. That will mean weight loss, but because of obedience and grace.
a. Eat when I’m hungry.
b. Exercise responsibly.

Reflection: Well, that didn't start out to well as the first half of the year included weight gain. But I joined Weight Watchers at the start of the summer, have kept up my activity level (thank you, YMCA), and have submitted myself to real accountability with Susie. Not the commiserating over bad food choices, but the gut honest this is what I ate and WHY. Dude -- so helpful. 2009 saw a 15 pound drop. Sweet.

2) Half marathon... if the foot holds up.

Reflection: The foot didn't hold up. I got up to 4 miles at one point but then the metatarsal started to ache. I may have used up all my running in 2006.

3) Pay off Car and ½ of Grad School

Reflection: Did it! BAM!!! Thank you, Dave Ramsey and the debt snowball plan!

4) 5 dates (real dates – not just eating dinner with friends)

Reflection: This one happened too. I made it because I was tired of having NO dating life of which to speak. This goal changed that, created the title of my blog (thanks to my small group that started using it as code for my romantic life) and is tied with goal 1 for producing the most angst, frustration, and learning.

When I found my 2009 goals, I thought "BRILLIANT! 3 out of 4 ain't bad! Let's set some 2010 goals!" And, ladies and gentlemen, here they are!

1) Live in food/weight/body image FREEDOM. Not apathy or licentiousness – freedom. That will mean weight loss, but because of obedience and grace. Utilize WW and Susie!
2) Successfully complete Take One by March 31
3) Pay off Grad School by September 1 and part of BC loan
4) Learn to play the guitar (well enough to lead music at YL, maybe even church!)

And the progress thus far is encouraging. I've got a video done for Take One, and I've purchased a beginner guitar and put new strings on it (thank you, Cesar!) The date goal is non-existent this year because I want to be done trying. If somebody wants to set me up, okay. If somebody asks me out, okay. But I understand now how great it feels to be pursued, and that's a feeling that's worth the wait. There are a few places in my life where the rubber meets the road in terms of my faith, and this is the one that recurs most often and with the most intensity.

So, then, let me bring to the forefront the biggest "goal" for the year and for life: to know Jesus more fully, to follow Him more closely, and to listen more intently. Being a physically healthy, Nationally Board certified, debt-free, guitar playing gal won't mean jack squat without His Presence in it all.

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  1. First of all, I believe the entry should read, "Resolutions? We don't need no STINKIN' resolutions!" :o) Secondly, I love that we both know what movie you are borrowing from. Good ol' UHF. I tried quoting that line the other day with my brother in law, and it fell on a blank stare. *sigh* ...So I just found MY 2009 resolutions on my computer and now want to update them too! I love how short you made your list. That was smart because you can remember each of them and meditate on the value of accomplishing them. My list had 24 on it. Know how many I accomplished? 3 1/2 Hmm. I think I'll start with 3 or 4 instead. And. Learning guitar is on my short list too :o)