Sunday, February 7, 2010

Brief update

No deep thoughts, pithy comments, or profound insights this morning. Just want to thank Jesus for His provision.

1) I've got my video for National Boards, and in a demonstration of our Lord's sense of humor and irony, the BEST video came from my MOST challenging class. They are often rowdy, sugared up, off-task, and spastic. But Monday, they were brilliant. I'm actually looking forward to writing the 11 page analysis b/c there is so much to say about this group, this lesson, this challenge.

2) The YL conference was fantastic. I loved sharing it with my friends from Franklin Hill -- Cesar, Susie, Sid and Debbie -- and from my area -- Kathy, Brandon, Ken, Joyce, Doug. And I made some new friends -- Katie and Sarah and Tracy. AND -- get this -- two of my former students and a former camper from WAY back in my Missionary Church days are now Young Life leaders in Sunnyside. Sweet sassy.

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