Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You've Got Mail & The Tices

I lead a small life.... well, valuable but small....

So says Meg Ryan in one of my favorite movies, You've Got Mail. My sweet Jayme and I used to watch that thing OVER and OVER and OVER again in our Shupe and Tuckey rooms. So sweet and quotable, and that particular line came to mind just moments ago as I finished reading the newsletter from Jeremy and Mindie Tice. They are missionaries in West Africa, and because of God's movement and their service, people in the jungles of Guinea have heard the truth of Christ and opened their lives to His Light.

It makes me cry. They are so courageous and beautiful and faithful. Their boys look like their dad, one of my closest friends in college. I'm so proud of them. I can only imagine the challenges of their daily lives. It makes me put my life into its proper perspective.

And at the same time, I feel small... petty.... introverted.... I don't have a great marriage, or two beautiful boys, or anything like that. It would be easy to succumb to the "what does this little life of mine mean anyway?"

On its own? Nothing.

On the foundation of Christ? Everything.

I guess this is faith, right? A piece of it, anyway. I choose to believe that these hours and cups of coffee and Club talks and worship songs and hard conversations and listening and following will amount to something important in God's kingdom. That is my prayer.

Jeremy & Mindie -- love you both.