Sunday, December 26, 2010

Every Father Knows

I niether know who this Bill Mallonee is nor have I heard this song, but the lyrics -- included on the back of the Christmas letter from The Syllings -- are worth posting.

Every Father Knows

well the angels sang the sweetest song echoing refrains
the shepherds were up to something maybe drunk again
no there probably wasn't any snow on the ground at the time
though the greeting cards show that sort of thing with a warm and fuzzy rhyme
and the stable is neat and tidy the hygiene is five stars
and the planet it spins lonely as i step out of this bar

now some are lost in shopping malls and some on battlefields
and some are lost in suburbs and some on capitol hills
some are lost on terminal wards or in a nursing home
and some are equally as lost in between their headphones
but whatever your coordinates on your map of shame
rather close or far away we're all lost just the same

the birth of births was like a death
under that hallowed star
still every father know and cares
where his sons and daughters are

so you may wake up a bit confused with the ache that's in your heart
doesn't matter if you got there by choice or got there by default
and every birth shall come with tears and with youth there is a cost
Jesus what's it like to grow up in the shadow of a cross
where You take on more than You could know more than i'd want to say
i put you there a long time ago when i do it every day

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  1. Marah, Bill is a singer/songwriter who use to be with a Christian band called the Vigilantes of Love. Your thought on cracks in your running shoes that you posted yesterday struck a cord and have given me a lot to think and pray about...thank you.