Friday, November 25, 2011

Where did the fall go?

My Volleyball Team
Has it really been three months since the end of summer?  Good glory.  And now the holidays are here, and so before I launch into decorating my house for Christmas, time to record for posterity the events of the past few months.

The new school year brought a fun but challenging new venture:  coaching volleyball!  The position had been posted in the spring, but I talked myself out of applying, thinking there was no way I'd have time to do anything like that during the year.  As the summer progressed and the position stayed open, I prayed more specifically about it and felt like Jesus was telling me that He was holding the door open for me.  So I applied and got the job.  It was glorious and overwhelming and wonderful and HARD.  The schedule was enough to run me ragged, but I wouldn't change the decision to coach.  These eight girls were so great -- challenging as teenage girls can definitely be, but I am hopeful that God will use the relationship built the draw them to Himself.  Now that it has been a month since the end of the season, I am more prone to say that I'll do it again next season.  I'm hopeful I'll cope with the schedule better now that I know more about what it entails.  :)

What happens when my advisory kids bring black athletic tape to class
My fourth year at Davis is also going well.  One of the BEST things is my advisory class.  I've had these kids since their freshmen year, and they are getting set to graduate this spring.  I just LOVE LOVE LOVE them!  I will be one sad panda this spring as they all graduate (well, most of them :-/ ).  There are a few kindred spirits in that group, and I'm thankful for the chance to really get to invest in their lives over these past four years.
Pier 1 fun with my YL gal Jenny
Colby K.

Young Life continues to be an important part of my life.  I still struggle now and again (usually on Mondays) with not wanting to be "in charge" of anything like this, but then I get to have important conversations with kids about their lives and their faiths and I think, "it is worth it."  YL allows me to add verbal proclamation to the ways I show the love of Christ to the kids at school, and while it is challenging in a LOT of ways, I am sticking with it for this year.  I have three GREAT leaders working with me, and another potential leader in the wings, so I know I'm not "alone" in the ministry.  Just last week, I got to share at the YL banquet about how God has changed the lives of two gals from Davis: Colby and Jeana.  Colby was my first YL kid (who went on to become a YL leader with us) and Jeana was her YL kid.  I took Jeana and her friends to see Colby at PLU over Veterans Day, which was such a blessing.  Colby is really doing well at school and has even stepped into YL leadership at another high school!  I'm so proud of her.  :)  I'm not sure how YL will play out this coming summer (whether or not I'll go on assignment, in particular), but for now, I'll just keep swimming.  :)

And that is the report.  God continues to challenge me to ask for His will in my life, not just for what I want.  And with that in mind and heart, I am thankful for this season of my life.